akraticm said: Can you say a little about what tools and techniques you use to make caps? I'm an amateur cap-maker myself, but mine never seem to look as good as yours, especially the fonts and overlays. Thanks.



I actually have a script that “bicapsizes” a directory of photos and moves them into my staging area to be captioned. The script adjusts the exposure of the photos to make them slightly darker, adds the bi-caps logo and resizes them to under 900 pixels on the longest side.

The exposure adjustment is to allow the white font to not be overpowered by the background of the image, it also gives them the “bi-caps” look. I sometimes have to adjust the images to make them slightly brighter if they were already dark to begin with, or add a vintage filter to style the photo a little differently.

Original photo above before styling:

After styling:

Without the styling the photo looks a little weird:

You can try to adjust font color as well, but the results are usually not as good:

I normally add the font in Pixelmator, convert the font into pixels and apply the “Fog” filter. I believe it’s called “Glow’ in Photoshop, but I find that Photoshop is far more of a pain to do text with. I go as large on the font as the action in the photo will allow. Using a heavy weighted font is best.

Font weight can make a difference:

Once I’m done with the text, I export the photo and drop it into my ready-to-upload folder. When I export the photo, I usually try to go for about 85% quality JPEG so that the font doesn’t get too many artifacts from the compression. That usually gives me a file about 100k to 200k on average. Another script uploads the pics to my queue on tumblr, and they get released.

Just remember:

That’s the general workflow, as it is now. If you have any other questions on it, feel free to let me know. Most of my styling is really just trial and error, seeing what worked and what didn’t. If you look at some of my old stuff, you’ll see that the style has changed as I’ve been doing caps. I’m a programmer, not really a graphic designer, so whenever possible, I try to script the mundane aspects of the process.

It’s been a while since I posted this…


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Reblog if you like ♥ For more pictures like this please follow and visit http://stillheels.com

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